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Does this describe you?

  • Disappointed in your lost opportunities?
  • Fearful about what's around the corner?
  • Struggling to pay your bills?

Discover life changing information that will turn your fortunes around

The Colt at the Crossroads

Every day of your life you are making decisions. “Which is the way to go?” “How can I get from where I am to where I want to be?”

“Do I want to progress in life?” “Is there an ideal in my mind which is always in the future - and I never arrive?”

“How do I break free from what is holding me back?”

“Am I afraid about making wrong decisions, and I imagine the fearful consequences of doing so?”

This book is a startling revelation. It will give you new understanding in a fascinating way to meet the opportunities, and the challenges, of your crossroad moments in life.

We are always at the crossroads of life and face these decisions and questions, because they represent our thoughts about growth – the fundamental universal ‘pull’ of life itself.

The shocking truth is that the most popular book ever is full of the most up-to-date instruction, wisdom, encouragement, and examples but within it this truth totally hidden. Yes, we are referring to the Bible and we use the stories as a text book, because the writers were very aware of these influences, and hid the spiritual in the mythological and metaphorical. This has never been understood, but now we can find the wisdom never seen before. And we find that it is for you and me,now.

Each story has a different message to present and there is helpful guidance on the truths revealed. This is ‘wake-up’ relevant today for you, and the world in which we all live. It will surprise you that this has always been unknown, camouflaged by the sometimes mundane, bizarre, irrelevant and entertaining narrative which the writers have used to conceal the truths, but now the wisdom of the ages is revealed.

The Bible has been understood as an historical and biographical account to be taken literally and therefore with less and less relevance to your life today. But the true meanings which have been unrevealed for thousands of years will certainly change your life now.

Focused Imagination

You want to make more money. You want greater success.

You want to escape mental and physical pain. You want recognition. You want to create...

These are the reasons why you will buy this book.

You want to discover how these 5 easy steps revolutionise the lives of everyone...

and all executives, creators, writers, musicians, innovators, teachers, leaders – and YOU.

This is a summary of what you will discover:

  • How to embrace the process of being successful in all aspects of life. Every person of wealth has applied this discovery to their own circumstances, whether deliberately or accidentally, and they have found it works.
  • Know how you will believe you are seriously wealthy, radiantly happy and in robust health. NOW!
  • This complete process explained here is easy to understand and apply, so that you know exactly what you must do, to generate great personal success and further grow your life.
  • Your fortune is not ‘written in the stars,’ but it is written in the way your mind works. That is controlled by Focused Imagination, and used helpfully for you. This book reveals the five basic steps:-
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Development
  • Manifesting your Desires
  • Visualising the Ideal Future,
  • The Power of Your Affirmations
  • How to meditate in Focused Imagination

The 7 Biggest Mistakes...

You want to be Wealthy. You want greater Success. You want to avoid making mistakes, so that you have freedom, control and choice in life.

Have I understood you correctly? I am sure I have.

These are not cheap words, which don’t add up to a sensible plan to bring results. They are my experience, of transitioning from seriously broke to significantly wealthy. They were the very questions I needed to resolve – and I did.

  • You will find out where I made mistakes and how I dealt with them.
  • My mistakes were not obvious to me, and they will not be to you either.
  • I have written them down here to help you not to make them. I want you to get your wealth sooner than I did. It may be by standing on my shoulders. Go ahead!

Are you overwhelmed by the books available, which claim to have just the program for you to be ultimately successful? They contain the steps to take and their sequence and new-fangled methodology, the writing style, the food to eat, the time of day to work and the claim that this understanding of wisdom came from outer-space. Oh gosh! It is stunning and can be counterproductive. It has been a serious ‘turn-off’ for me and such control is not of interest personally. I consider it has been a mistake to read some of these books, even though they seem to be acclaimed by the great and the good.

By contrast, this book is based upon the wisdom of the ages. What worked perfectly thousands of years ago is the up-to-date principles of how the universe actually works – right now.

The key for me was Mistake #5. ‘Education, education, education.” I always thought that my lack of success was because I missed out on formal education. Did you also miss out on formal education? If you did, then your confidence will reflect that. See what I have written.

  • Do you owe money and find it so difficult to meet the monthly payments?
  • Do you wish that the months were shorter, to end when the money runs out?
  • Do you speak all the time about the cost of everything, and the need to scrimp and save?
  • Do you feel the pain of not enough like I did? It’s a prison cell isn’t it?

So, from this book report you will look at seven - actually eight - mistakes which, since I made them I can see that they seem to be what everyone else makes without thinking.

Watch out for Mistake #7. It’s about peer-group influence. This could be hardest of all. The social media particularly is compelling to most people, and what others think is normally what we accept as the right point of view. Because of that we are all at a mediocre level of life, without contributing our creative uniqueness into our own circumstances. We are proud of our take on life, not realizing that this ‘take’ has come from other people’s views.

So this is why it will be very good for you to read. I know that if you make these mistakes you will not be successful, but if you avoid them, you will prosper.

These mistakes are not meant to be a sequence of steps to take. But they add up to a series of items to avoid, because I would like you to be successful. Focus on each one and carefully think about the change you will be making, and which is the answer to why you are not yet a millionaire.

Money: Don’t Settle For Less

All over the world, we find people like you who wants to move forward in life. You want to fully explore what it’s like to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. You have a shining goal of full self-expression and fulfilment – of course you have. you know that much of these aspirations are made possible, by being wealthy, because money opens doors for all of us. However, most people who have had those dreams wake up sometime in their future and realise that they are just where they were when they dreamed of better things. Why have they lost their dreams? What has happened to them?

You are honest with yourself, so I know that you want more money. Everyone wants more money! You can be trusted with it, so you want to do those good things with money, which you dream about, but so far they don’t materialize. What is more irritating is that you are struggling to pay the bills, and worrying. You hate the post, because you fear the demands for money. Your life is dominated by the question of ‘affordability.’ If you read this book you will be delighted to find that you can now put into action the fundamentals of a truly prosperous life.

This book is broken into 12 chapters each of which examine one aspect of what money is, from two ‘either - or’ perspectives. It is important to shake off the shackles of wrong thinking and prejudices against money so these contrasts are another way of kick-starting the ‘how you think, speak and act.’ This will help you greatly.

The truth is that you are likely to be your own worst enemy, because you are conditioned to be sceptical and to believe you know everything you need to know about wealth creation. So let me ask “why don’t you have it now?” If you are not expecting me to say anything new to you in this book, then show me the money! You must have it already - or don’t you have it?

Just read these chapter headings:

  • Seen or Unseen?
  • Having it or Using the Flow?
  • Entrepreneurial or Employed/
  • Competitive Wealth or Creative Wealth?
  • To Attract it or to Repel it?
  • Flight of Fancy or Dominant Desire?
  • For You or For Me?
  • Make it Grow or Hide it Away?
  • Giving it or Receiving it?
  • By Honest Means or by Trickery?
  • Promised or imagined?
  • Settle for More or for Less.

The universe uses laws to govern every one of these spiritual aspects of Money. You need to know those laws and how they work either for you or against you, particularly in these twelve areas of interest.

This may be very easy to understand, but I have found that it is not easy to put into practice. Controlling your mind is not easy, but the rewards are great. There is no limit to the wealth available to you, if you think there is no limit.

As Henry Ford is reported as saying, “If you think you can, or you think your can’t, either way you will be correct.”

On my own way to becoming a millionaire over the past 10 years, I had to apply myself to these very questions and resolve the way I was thinking about the issues. This has helped me take it to a different level. That is why I would like to share these 12 aspects of money with you, so that you can enjoy this Good News for you.

The Wealth and Prosperity Plan

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The first episode of the Wealth and Prosperity Plan, comprising CD, DVD and script.

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The 12 episodes of this Wealth and Prosperity Plan are invaluable in providing just what you need to be grounded in what 95% of people know nothing about, and who sadly grope in the dark of mediocrity. But you will relish success.

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