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Focused Imagination

Discover Financial Freedom Through FOCUSED IMAGINATION for Wealth, Health and Self-Development.

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You want to make more money. You want greater success.

You want to escape mental and physical pain. You want recognition. You want to create…

These are the reasons why you will buy this book.

You want to discover how these 5 easy steps revolutionise the lives of everyone…

and all executives, creators, writers, musicians, innovators, teachers, leaders – and YOU.

This is a summary of what you will discover:

  • How to embrace the process of being successful in all aspects of life. Every person of wealth has applied this discovery to their own circumstances, whether deliberately or accidentally, and they have found it works.
  • Know how you will believe you are seriously wealthy, radiantly happy and in robust health. NOW!
  • This complete process explained here is easy to understand and apply, so that you know exactly what you must do, to generate great personal success and further grow your life.
  • Your fortune is not ‘written in the stars,’ but it is written in the way your mind works. That is controlled by Focused Imagination, and used helpfully for you. This book reveals the five basic steps:-
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Development
  • Manifesting your Desires
  • Visualising the Ideal Future,
  • The Power of Your Affirmations
  • How to meditate in Focused Imagination

Purchase on Amazon for £7

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