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MONEY: Don’t Settle For Less

Use the Spiritual Laws of The Universe and They Will Bring You What You Want

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All over the world, we find people like you who wants to move forward in life. You want to fully explore what it’s like to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. You have a shining goal of full self-expression and fulfilment – of course you have. you know that much of these aspirations are made possible, by being wealthy, because money opens doors for all of us. However, most people who have had those dreams wake up sometime in their future and realise that they are just where they were when they dreamed of better things. Why have they lost their dreams? What has happened to them?

You are honest with yourself, so I know that you want more money. Everyone wants more money! You can be trusted with it, so you want to do those good things with money, which you dream about, but so far they don’t materialize. What is more irritating is that you are struggling to pay the bills, and worrying. You hate the post, because you fear the demands for money. Your life is dominated by the question of ‘affordability.’ If you read this book you will be delighted to find that you can now put into action the fundamentals of a truly prosperous life.

This book is broken into 12 chapters each of which examine one aspect of what money is, from two ‘either – or’ perspectives. It is important to shake off the shackles of wrong thinking and prejudices against money so these contrasts are another way of kick-starting the ‘how you think, speak and act.’ This will help you greatly.

The truth is that you are likely to be your own worst enemy, because you are conditioned to be sceptical and to believe you know everything you need to know about wealth creation. So let me ask “why don’t you have it now?” If you are not expecting me to say anything new to you in this book, then show me the money! You must have it already – or don’t you have it?

Just read these chapter headings:

  • Seen or Unseen?
  • Having it or Using the Flow?
  • Entrepreneurial or Employed
  • Competitive Wealth or Creative Wealth?
  • To Attract it or to Repel it?
  • Flight of Fancy or Dominant Desire?
  • For You or For Me?
  • Make it Grow or Hide it Away?
  • Giving it or Receiving it?
  • By Honest Means or by Trickery?
  • Promised or imagined?
  • Settle for More or for Less.

The universe uses laws to govern every one of these spiritual aspects of Money. You need to know those laws and how they work either for you or against you, particularly in these twelve areas of interest.

This may be very easy to understand, but I have found that it is not easy to put into practice. Controlling your mind is not easy, but the rewards are great. There is no limit to the wealth available to you, if you think there is no limit.

As Henry Ford is reported as saying, “If you think you can, or you think your can’t, either way you will be correct.”

On my own way to becoming a millionaire over the past 10 years, I had to apply myself to these very questions and resolve the way I was thinking about the issues. This has helped me take it to a different level. That is why I would like to share these 12 aspects of money with you, so that you can enjoy this Good News for you.

Buy on Amazon for £9.50

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