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Embracing the simple steps to prosperity

Prosperity is a planned result

  • by Malcolm Baxter
  • 23rd August 2015
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There is no good thing happened in this world without it having been planned. Think about it! There is no edifice, no work of art, no piece of literature – nothing which came from nowhere.

Winston Churchill, speaking at Harvard 6th September 1943 stated:

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

What he was saying was “Whatever great things there will ever be in the future, they will only come from the mind” – your mind – my mind.

If you know that is true, as you surely must, what is going on in your mind right now? Whatever it is, will be your future. It will be your empire.

Perhaps you are thinking about your inadequate resources. Then your future will become an inadequate present, when you get there.

Perhaps you are thinking about ill health. Then your future will be ill health.

If you think of prosperity, wealth and choice in life, even though you may not be enjoying it now, it will become your empire of the future. If you think of good health and physical wellbeing, then that also will be your future condition.

You might think that you cannot make these choices, and it is arrogant to say that you can. Then that also will be your future empire – a rejection of certainty and control. You will be blown about by every wind of fortune, and without a firm foundation in life.

When Jesus spoke about the man who built his house on the rock, he very strongly instructed that that course of action was the correct one. But clearly, he was saying that we have the choice.

The whole idea of having a sound foundation in life, as a result of ‘hearing the word of truth and rightly applying it’ was that we should be protected from adverse results and outcomes which people face. Nothing could shift such a person because of his foundation. The empire of his mind had been established by his choice.

So the challenge to the people in Harvard, at the end of World War Two was about building a new future, which would start and develop in the mind. Churchill was saying that they had a choice; they could make the conscious decision to be prosperous and financially successful or they could let every wind of unplanned life possibility undermine their hopes and dreams.

He did not say that it is easy to transform the mind from futile, to creative. Everything which pops up in our minds at any time seems to be negative and destructive. This is one reason why we go to school or college, because in a place of learning there we will discipline our minds to accept good information. And inadvertently keep out the trivial or harmful.

But normal life for most of us does not discipline our minds in the same way, or it certainly allows much space for rubbish, if we want. And so we have the open opportunity to choose what we think about.

Do we understand that what we allow in our minds determines what our lives will be in the future?

A simple thing could be buying a car. There could be a lot of thought going into that purchase, and at the end, we will buy the car we want. What that car does for us is reflect the kind of person we want people to think of us. “He would buy one of those, wouldn’t he?” Of course he would, because that car is an extension of what he thinks, and no one is surprised. It was a product of his mind before he had it.

The discipline to choose a car to buy may not be too hard to visualise, but it is still the process we adopt for every decision. Or, if we don’t make the decision, someone else does for us – by chance.

Most people will fiercely defend their right to drive the car of their choice, but do they limit their choice to what they can afford? Most of them do.

So, straight away, you have made a choice to be controlled by affordability. That is never what prosperity determines. To have the resources sufficient to buy the car you want, without limits of affordability is prosperity.

Yes, you can choose. Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive.” You want more money?  What are you asking for? The empire you build for your future is in your mind today. If affordability is in your mind as a limitation today, it always will be.

You must find a way to make your empire what you want it to be, and get rid of the thoughts out of your mind which will give you an empire of what you do not want. Start today, by asking the universe for enough money to buy the car you really want, or to buy what else you really want. Ask for it. Keep asking for it.

If that is first step you take to become a prosperous person, then the future change in you will become an avalanche of prosperous thinking and rich results.

If you think it is a rubbish thing to do, you will never know what you missed out on.

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