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Prosperity is Financial Independence

  • by Malcolm Baxter
  • 31st August 2015
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That’s what we all want!

Poverty is the universal fear of mankind, and you know how many people are experiencing financial lack, despite the unprecedented prosperity of our times.

One of the innate desires of all prosperous minded people is to be self supporting and financially independent. God made us that way.

Once we learn about prosperity thinking, and practice it, it breaks the shackles of limitation and financial fear and excites us with the desire for our own financial independence.

Does Financial Independence mean different things to different people?

Could it mean for you and me:-

 Not to have to work, and yet always to have enough and to spare both now, and permanently?

Yes! That’s what it means for everyone.

You know how many people want to be financially independent. But they never get there. Why is that? Inevitably, it is because some work and commitment is involved.

We live in an age where we can’t wait to have fun. Instant gratification is provided by borrowing against the future, where previously we only spent what we had, and no more.

Result – future pain and lost financial independence.

To unpick this condition, does it seem an extreme idea that you and I must concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on prosperity, almost to the exclusion of all else, if we want to be prosperous and financially independent? It doesn’t just happen. It must be worked for, at least for a time. No one wants to hear that, do they? But 5% of the population does and they do accept that premise, and concentrate. And they are the ones who are FREE of lack and limitation.

Are you one of the 5%?

What we think about and allow in our minds makes the difference between success and failure. We need to be very strong-willed people.

Firstly, discard negative and failure-minded business associates. Get rid of undesirable and unsupportive relationships. Be careful with whom you spend your time, even leisure time, and don’t speak to anyone about your desires for financial independence – they will all try to dissuade you and undermine your concentration.

Secondly, eliminate as far as possible, all negativity and demonstrations of failure which come from media and entertainment.

Thirdly, you and I must self-educate, to understand what only the few know about and is a secret to the majority.

No successful person has become successful without having a one-track-mind, and total belief that they will succeed. Every one of them has expected abundance every single day until it arrived.

The process is all in the mind, and the discipline required is over what thoughts we allow and encourage.

The rewards are great and worth the price to pay but you and I can do it. Jesus used these words, “The kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”

How forceful are you?

Financial independence is what we all want, possibly more than anything. We want the freedom, control and influence in our lives. That is not impossible for anyone.

Be one of the 5%, and make the effort to concentrate. You owe it to yourself to be your very best. And you owe it to your family to be the best for them too.

It is your choice.

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