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Prosperity is the condition of happiness, not the cause

  • by Malcolm Baxter
  • 31st March 2015
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Most of us would say, “If I am prosperous, then I will be happy.” If that were true, then all prosperous people would be happy, and all poor people would be sad. Of course that is not true, but wealth certainly helps us to enjoy life. It opens doors for us to explore our own unique opportunities.

But ultimately, prosperity is not the cause of happiness. Prosperity is the result of a cause. Those who look for prosperity are therefore trying to change the condition of lack and limitation in their lives as if that was the reason or cause for their unhappiness. It feels like it is, but even to change the condition will not bring happiness.

Happiness is caused by prosperity mindfulness. 

When Winston Churchill said at Harvard on 6th September 1943, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind” he was pointing out that it is what you and I think which will come to pass as our reality. Prosperity mindfulness is the understanding in our minds about what we want in life. If your empire of the future is wealth, then that is what you need to have in your mind.

Unfortunately, if you and I are hard up, it is normally our shortage of money which will be in our mind, and therefore, we will get more shortage of money. The challenge is to believe in our prosperity at the same time as being hard up. Some people call this ‘thought exchange.’ This will then become the cause of our happiness.

Be grateful and not complaining.

The best way to change our thoughts is to be grateful for what we have. The more we tell the universe that we are happy with what we have, and are receiving constantly, we will find that the happiness comes. The less we complain about ‘not enough’ the more we will receive.

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