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Embracing the simple steps to prosperity

Prosperity is ‘The Promised Land’

  • by Malcolm Baxter
  • 6th May 2016
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We are all looking for this, aren’t we? We know the expression ‘The Promised Land.’ It gives us a sense of happiness and wellbeing; an idyllic place of full contentment, self-expression and material supply.

There were six steps to take to be successful, so the story tells us.

These six steps fascinated me, because they are exactly what you and I must take ourselves, in order to possess our Promised Land and become successful and prosperous. We want that happiness, self-expression, good health and material supply ourselves, don’t we?

And it is promised to everyone who will take these six steps.

The fact that this refers back to the Israelites, when they took possession of Canaan, their Promised Land, serves to explain to us how they were successful in achieving what they had hoped for.

So what were the six steps they had to take?

And are they really the same steps that you and I need to take to be successful?

I have proved they are.

I have written a report which is posted on my website which details these six steps, and explains what they mean and how they were practically applied.

The six steps are:

  • Be prepared – in 3 ways.
  • Do something special.
  • Focus on ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ issues.
  • Clean up Thinking and Actions.
  • Speak words to Remove Barriers.
  • Create a Foundation of Gratitude.

There is nothing too difficult in these six steps, and they have worked for me. I am sure they will work for anyone – who doesn’t want to miss out on their own Promised Land.

We all find that there are obstacles to overcome in order to be successful; we don’t just sit and wait for it to happen. At time, it may feel like a wilderness of arid and unyielding circumstances. Or perhaps there are rivers to cross and battles to be won. Much of this is the way we think about these things, as well as what we actually do. But these steps will light the way through the difficulties.

Do you think these six steps focus on the core of what is necessary for you and I to possess our Promised Land?

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