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The Wealth & Prosperity Plan

Discover the secret of the ages and permanently
remove the agony of ‘Not Enough’

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The Wealth and Prosperity Plan

Discover the secret of the ages and permanently remove the agony of ‘Not Enough.’ 12 modules each containing:

  • 25 minute DVD
  • CD for listening in the car
  • Script of the words spoken
  • Study questions and affirmations

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The plan is designed to last for 12 weeks.

The special cost of the plan is just one payment of £80 covering all the DVDs, CDs and text copies and the presentation box.

This is a special offer price, reduced from three payments of £80, while stocks last and only available for a short time.

* Because I am so confident that you will be delighted with the progress you are making and enjoying, we GUARANTEE SATISFACTION, by promising to you that if you are dissatisfied with the plan, if you return all the discs and other contents to us by week eight, we will return every penny you have paid.

Invitation to join the Much in Mind community of Prosperity seekers
by entering the 12 week discovery series

This is a permanent solution to those that earn well, but are being hit by the harshness of higher rates of tax for this sector, and the increased cost of living for you and me.

This is an exciting time for you. It happened for me a few years ago. I got excited, and I still am – more so. I asked, “whose ‘plan for life’ had I followed” which had got me into this mess? Why did I bother?

Well, I had to bother because I couldn’t make ends meet and I wasn’t in control. I was earning good money but it was never enough. You will find the true ‘plan for life’ when you subscribe to the Wealth & Prosperity Plan.

Is this you?

  1. Your life seems at the mercy of circumstances. You cannot influence what is happening and you are afraid it could get worse. I was like that - frustrated and unfulfilled in all financial aspects of my life.
  2. You probably don’t have lavish and unrealistic aspirations, but every month you slip further behind. Horrible, isn’t it?

What I have found out since is that most of us, to some degree, are in the same place and I know that my condition described above is close to the hidden ‘you’, as well as me.

I said ‘hidden’. Yes.

Do you ever tell your mates about how tight things are? I didn’t, because I was too proud. Is that you too?

The answer to the problem is easy to understand. I thought it must be a ‘get rich quick’ bit of nonsense or the like. But it wasn’t that.

So what I then discovered is that there are straightforward plans, and an understanding, which has put jam on my bread, released me from the prison cell of debt and lack, and opened my eyes to a much brighter future.

Because it’s not only for me, can I talk to you about it? You are already on board, so step in deeper. It’s a wonderful experience.

The 12 Module study, “Wealth and Prosperity Plan,” is designed to reveal to you the secret of the ages and permanently remove the agony of ‘Not Enough.’

These are 12 aspects of prosperity understanding which are secrets to most people – particularly those who are financially challenged, as I was – and once they are understood, they represent the building blocks for bringing prosperity into your life. It certainly works, but you must choose.

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