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Prosperity agrees with words of abundance

  • by Malcolm Baxter
  • 5th September 2015
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Like lovely words, a lovely picture lifts the spirit.

We all know that words you and I actually speak out loud are creative in our lives. When we speak it, it comes from the heart, and is therefore what we actually believe. What we actually believe is our future reality, and will certainly come to pass in our lives.

Because if what we say lifts you and I to a new level of joy, freedom, choice, love, delight, thankfulness and control over our circumstances, we are tapping into prosperity.

Consider these words to say, at the start of the day:

I am tuned to the infinite mind of God and today I receive from his universal abundance.

I cast my hook into the sea of ideas, and it catches the fish of inspiration, with the gold in its mouth.

Let the Divine idea come to me now.

I praise and bless what I have and the good multiplies.

I praise and bless the people in my life

I praise and bless the circumstances in my life.

I praise and bless my financial income and my business affairs.

I praise and bless my health.

I praise and bless the good I have and look with wonder at its bountiful increase.

As I speak words of abundance I overcome all lack in my life.

I rejoice that my life is now filled to the brim with abundant good.

Everything and everybody prospers me now, and I draw to myself those who will prosper me in the future and those whom I will prosper.

Do these words uplift? Are they exactly what you and I need to think about and believe for ourselves? Of course they are. I wonder why it is that we don’t often say such words ourselves, even though we like them.

By contrast, it is likely that there will be negative thoughts in our minds long before our foot touches the floor in the morning. It is at that point in the day you and I must exercise control over our minds. If those negative thoughts get a hold of our minds early, we plan and live the day in a negative way, just like every other day perhaps. The result will therefore be negative, and likely to end the same as yesterday.

Use the first glimpse of morning to establish the way the day will take, and don’t depart from it. Use words of prosperity, abundance, goodness to those in need, full self-expression and sound health. Speak them out, to confirm to the universe what you really stand for.

I have adapted the above words in italics from; ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’ by Catherine Ponder.

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